How do I find the books and tests?

Click “Home” at the top of the web site (or left hand side, depending on your browser). Scroll down to “Read the Books” and “Take the Test(s).”

Are you approved?

We are accepted or approved as follows:

  • Center for Guardianship Certification (CGC)
  • Arizona
  • California (California Professional Fiduciaries Bureau)  
  • Idaho (requires CGC certification. Rule effective July 1, 2020)
  • New Hampshire (requires CGC certification)
  • North Dakota (requires CGC certification for individual professional guardians) 
  • Oregon (requires CGC certification) 
  • Texas (Judicial Branch Certification Commission (JBCC))

We regularly review this information. As states occasionally do update their rules, the student may wish to check with the appropriate agency.

Exception: A Guardian’s Nursing Home Care is not approved in Florida.

If you have a sale after I buy, can I get the difference in price refunded?

Sorry, the sale price is not retroactive.

What is a passing score on the test?

On a 5 question test, 4 correct answers are a passing score.

How long do I have to complete the course?

You have 1 year from the date of purchase to get a certificate or a refund. For example, if you buy on January 1, 2020, you have till the end of the day January 1, 2021. Most of our students take their classes fairly quickly. But if you need a reminder, we recommend the free and easy to use Memo to Me ( There you can set up reminder emails.


Can I re-test if I don’t pass?

Absolutely. No charge. Tho you’ll probably pass the first time with little trouble. The questions are in the order the information appears in the book. (We didn’t get question 1 from chapter 5 and then bounce back to chapter 1 for question 2.)

Do you list course completions with CE Broker?

If you’re a Florida student, we list Florida-approved classes with CE Broker. We ask for your license number to do this. Typically courses completed before 8 pm PST are listed with CE Broker the same day.

Will I receive promotional material from you?


What is your refund policy?

Refunds are issued up to one year after you enrolled provided a certificate has not been issued. Normally a refund is issued through PayPal. If it’s been too long for PayPal to work, we’ll send you a check.

Privacy Policy

It is our goal to collect as little information about you as possible while still being able to deliver services. We ask for limited information such as name and license number to provide proof you have completed a course.

Certifying and licensing agencies may ask us to provide that information to them to verify completion or for other reasons. They may also require that such information be retained for a specified period.

We may be asked to disclose such information by the government or court order.

Eventual destruction of the information will be done by the practice then used by a reasonably prudent business.

Third parties not controlled by us may monitor your visit. These could include your internet service provider. They will have their own policy policies.

We use PayPal for payments. PayPal too has a separate privacy policy.  PayPal discloses certain limited information about you to us, such as your name and the amount paid. Our use of this information is covered by our privacy policy above.